#1. Create A nice Indoor Garden
Elements of our Dk candles and jars are intentionally meant to be reused. These containers are the perfect size for giving new life to vegetable scraps and plant herbs. Or why not try raising a beautiful succulent.
#3. Showcase Some Pretty Things
Repurpose your empty vessel as a small vase for fresh flowers to replace one beautiful scent with another.
Additionally, the jars can be utilized as the ideal organizational container for art supplies, beauty goods and more. Items like sharpened colored pencils, lipgloss, lollipops, curly straws or makeup brushes stay neat while looking decorative.
#4. Create a Trinket Catchall
Hair ties, cotton swabs, paper clips, loose coins: Your empty jar can organize small trinkets into one sleek storage spot. You may find the jars especially helpful in an office, kitchen or bathroom, where they help tidy a messy junk drawer.
#5. Stash Your Fresh Spices.
Fresh spices and herbs are a wonderful way to add scent and flavor to your cooking—so why not keep them at the ready on your kitchen counter? Simply fill an empty jar with an inch or two of water and place the fresh spices or herb bouquet inside. (The jar also works well as a container for dry spices.)
Rethink how you approach organizing your living space with simple modern upgrades.
Reuse our beautiful jars to give your countertops (and your basic items) a classically chic new look.
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